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Monday, February 28, 2005


Zoe has the "Spring Fever" bug in a bad way. We are outside in the backyard or walking a few miles (well, sometimes Zoe rides in her wagon) any time the temperature raises to a minimum of about 48 degrees. She lets us know she is ready to go out by either pleading for a "Walk!" or "Grass!" Today, in spite of the sun shining brightly, it barely reached the upper 40's, but Zoe insisted we must go out to the back yard. I tried to tell her it was too cold, but she simply contemplated this dilemma before suggesting, "Jacket!" She demonstrated some pretty good problem solving skills, which made it hard for me to argue with her in spite of the fact that I wasn't convinced a jacket was enough to fix the problem. I piled the clothing on her, including a stocking cap, before the field trip to the backyard. Zoe tried to tell me she needed her "mittets" (mittens) too. I figured she was probably right, given how cold it was, but I also knew we would manage to get them on her only to have her insist they needed to come off when she couldn't pick up her ball with them on. Such is the way a toddler's mind works. Once outside Zoe was having too much fun to be concerned with the chill in the air. It was more than just 'brisk," and so we didn't stay out long.
These photos, however, were taken yesterday (Sunday) when it was considerably warmer. Note that Zoe is sporting one of her new silly faces. Daddy taught her that one. This time he can't argue with me that she is showing her "McIntyre side."

She loves to run around on the grass and chase and kick her ball, talk to the cows through the fence, and rearrange the rocks. She only recently discovered the rocks and tends to be quite content to pick rocks out of the rock bed and proclaim each and every one to be a "Rock!" before sentencing it to a pile somewhere on the cement pad by the back door. I think she had about four piles going simultaneously yesterday. You can't spend time with a toddler without rediscovering the joys and fascinations of the simple things in life.

Great Aunt Pat and Great Uncle Ron will probably be pleased to see that Zoe still cannot go anywhere without her beloved hat. If we make it outside without it, Zoe puts her hands up on her head and says "Hat!" over and over again until we obtain the hat and put it on her head in it's rightful spot. It's been a part of her daily outdoor (and sometimes indoor) attire for the past year.

Posts yet to come (when I can find the time)include a description of Zoe's ability to find all kinds of excuses why it is not time for "nap" or "night night" and an explanation as to why we have an inflatable toddler swimming pool in the middle of our living room.

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