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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Got. To. Catch. Up!

Dear Husband took Friday off to make this a four day weekend for us. So here we are, three days into the four day weekend, and I'm beginning to get caught up on Life. This is why I never get caught up on typical weekends. Two days is (SOMETIMES) just long enough to take the edge off. I never feel rested or caught up before the week starts again unless I get about four days to try.

And so...a month after Grandma and Grandpa M left from their visit with us, I am FINALLY getting pictures and narraitve loaded! *sigh*

Grandma gave Dear Daughter an apron that was hers when she was a little girl (made by her mother, Dear Daughter's Great Grandmother). So far Dear Daughter is the ONLY grandDAUGHTER on either side of the family, and Grandma never got to pass this down to her own children, as they were both boys. Dear Daughter got to wear the apron to bake cupcakes with Grandma, which was a pretty fun experience (for both of them, I think!)

Dear Son likes to make cupcakes, too. Look how he concentrates on the icing. If you look close enough, you can see some evidence of tasting on his cheeks!

This is the cow I posted about a couple weeks ago. I saw him munching in our yard when I got up and looked out the window one morning. We don't own any cows, by the way. He munched for awhile and then wandered into the woods and we never saw him again.

Of course, no visit is ever complete without a backyard bonfire complete with S'mores.

And the last picture is totally random. We've been seeing a lot of Cardinal couples at our birdfeeders. I actually saw the male Cardinal going to the feeder and getting seeds to bring back to his sweetie. He would pass them from his beak to hers and then go back for more while she stood nearby and munched. It was really sweet.


Zip n Tizzy said...

Sounds like a really wonderful weekend.

Grandma, cupcakes, s'mores, what a child's dream.

I love when the birds feed one another. It's so tender.

Ed said...

Where the heck does the cow live!!

CaraBee said...

I haven't had s'mores in forever. Sounds delightful!

kestrel said...

Those are great family photos of the generations having fun. Imagine having an apron made from a great grandmother and it looks good enough to be passed down a few more generations. Lovely decorations on the cupcakes, gave me some ideas for mine as I am a messy decorater.

Anonymous said...

from Dear Husband's Mom:

I enjoyed seeing the pictures taken with the apron. So glad I saved it all these years. Also enjoyed seeing the pictures of Dear Daughter in her dance recital costumes. Guess you found a swimsuit to fit, after all.