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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Pockets II

Yesterday morning was the weekly trip to the FoodMart with the wee ones in tow. Dear Son wanted to walk as soon as we entered the store, so I put him on his feet and went about my business checking every so often to be sure both the kids were still meandering within my line of sight. At one point I noticed a wet spot on Son's jeans on the front side of his right thigh. I didn't think too much of it. You never know what boys will get into. The next time I turned to check on the kids' whereabouts, I noticed Son was chewing on something. When I asked him what he was chewing on, he opened his mouth enough to show that he had an orange slice shoved in there. I was puzzled for a split second about how he managed to produce an orange slice, and then I put it all together.

We had Clementine oranges for breakfast, just before making our trip to the FoodMart. There were a few slices left on the kitchen table as we were walking out the door. Dear Son suggested that I eat them, and I replied that I didn't want any more and that maybe we would finish them when we returned. Then I proceeded to turn my attention to getting my shoes tied and herding the wee ones out the door. Apparently he shoved one of those little orange slices into his right front jeans pocket before we left the house (you remember my recent post on Son's fascination with his pockets and how everything that fits goes in there?) Then it must have leaked a bit when he sat in his car seat and got buckled in. He then rediscovered this "treasure" when we got to the store (the damp spot probably helped remind him) and that's when he decided he needed a little snack.

Yesterday it was an orange. Today it was a little green grape that made its way in there between lunch and nap time. Dare I wonder what will go in there tomorrow?


Jesse said...

Boys always seem to find some lost "treasure" and think so what if it's a little old it'll still taste good.

Maternal Mirth said...

I am telling you ... as much as I'd like to comfort you with the assertion that this phase will end, it would only be a cruel lie and give you false hope. You have a lifetime of random pocket searches ... well, until something of EXTREME value is accidentally laundered. Even then, it's slightly doubtful.


Tracy said...

I say let it be a surprise. So far all I've found in my sons pockets are matchbox cars and once I found a hair tie.
I just keep telling myself "Hey it could be worse."