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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Piss Poor Management

As I've mentioned many times previous, Dear Daughter has an unlimited wealth of latent knowledge that rears up at random times. She absorbs everything and then it all just stews inside her until she has an opportunity to apply it.

Tonight at bedtime, as I snuggled under the covers with her in the darkness she randomly brought up some questions. "Mommy, why were those branches in the bottom of the tank at Wonders of Wildlife and that fish died? Why, Mommy? Was it because of piss poor management?" I wasn't sure I understood the question correctly or if I really just heard my four-year-old daughter use the phrase "piss poor management," so I asked her for clarification. "Well, you remember at the bottom of the excavator (which means escalator) where the fish tank is. That great big fish tank, and there were branches on the floor?" I had no idea what she was talking about. She began getting impatient. "At WONDERS OF WILDLIFE!" Okay. I got that part. I was still trying to figure out if she had really said "piss poor management." Still trying to get me to understand, she said, "You know, Mommy. Where that big fish was dead and it was in the branches. Was that because of piss poor management?"

That's when it clicked. She had combined two different experiences together. Last December we had one last visit to Wonders of Wildlife before they closed their doors for awhile. On that visit there was a large dead fish caught in some branches at the bottom of a very large floor-to-ceiling aquarium. Apparently that really stuck with her. In recent dialog around here she has, no doubt, heard the phrase "piss poor management" when discussing Wonders of Wildlife. It's a bit of an inside joke around here that really isn't a joke at all. I told Dear Daughter that I'm certain that "piss poor management" is behind a whole lot of stuff around that place. I'm not sure if you still read this regularly, Grandpa H, but this one was just for you!


Maternal Mirth said...

I wish we could all stew knowledge and apply it when needed ... I'd appear a lot more brilliant than I do now.

As for dear Zoe and her new phrase - HILARIOUS!!!

AP said...

Well after having a crappy day at work, this is a classic! LOL
Remember a little girl asking about the GD rabbits in the garden! And asking if Uncle Randy was having trouble with the GD rabbits after his tractor broke down across the road from where we were in the garden. I not realizing a 4 year old was even listening to me and praying that she never told Grandma L what I had let slip out.
What a little sponge! I think Parker is going to be the same way, does not miss a thing!
Haven't seen pictures of the kids posted lately. Hint Hint

MGM said...

AP, it's about time you showed up here with a comment! Yeah, I guess I am a bit overdue with posting pics. Seems it's been hard to keep my head above these days. I think I've got some to download from the camera, so maybe this weekend. Stay tuned....

Jesse said...

There are times when I forget that Sweet Pea is listening to every word I say and then of course it comes back to bite me in the butt.

Anonymous said...

My favorite phrase that I hear out of my dear four-year old daughter's mouth is "how did I get to be so lucky..." and what's even worse is she uses it in the right contexts with the right amount of sarcasm.

Got to love them, though, and wouldn't trade them for the world!!


Student of Life said...

As a mom, I know you might not have found it totally hilarious, because it came out of the mouth of YOUR child, but since I'm the mother of another child, I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Now, I sit and wait for karma to bite me in the butt. Lord only knows what the payback will be. I'm sure it will be in front of a large group of people and highly inappropriate.