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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Learning Some "F-Words"

I've been working with Daughter on an alphabet and phonics activity that consists of designating a page of construction paper for each alphabet letter and then cutting and pasting pictures out of magazines that start with the given letter. Then they are put into plastic sleeves and into a three-ring binder. We completed several letters one day before I left for work and Husband managed the kids for the evening. The next day, while Daughter was sitting at the table waiting for her lunch, she casually stated, "I learned some F-words with Daddy yesterday." Husband is not one to swear, so I paused on that for a moment before I remembered that Daughter and I had ended with the letter "E" the previous afternoon. I didn't know Husband worked on the letter "F" with her after I went to work. *Whew!*

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Anonymous said...

Oh my garsh! LOL!

My husband and I were talking about how some people need to say the f-word every other word one night. Anna , my 5 year old said, "Mom, I know which word you are talking about."

I turned red because I am a Christian and a recovering potty mouth, and I have been on the wagon for about 8 years but once in a while...

Anyway, I asked her what word she was talking about and she said the word Father. John and I looked at each other and started laughing becaue she had been in trouble with her dad not 20 minutes before. :D

I liked your comment about the little people at my blog, that was really cute! Kids, I tell you. :O) It also reminds me of this post, over at Pink Diary. Pretty cute!