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Sunday, October 29, 2006

10 Month Tricks

I can't help myself... Brace yourself for a few pictures! Here is my darling son practicing his proud new skills of pulling up on everything. Comes in handy for getting into Big Sister's stuff! ...And to say he is proud of himself is majorly understating it!

Here is the little darling demonstrating how he loves to attach to random objects that capture his affection and then drag them around the house.

And here is Son thoroughly enamored with his new Halloween maracas. He's been attached since the first moment he laid eyes on them. The exersaucer isn't much good for sitting in anymore since Son is MUCH too busy to stay in one place these days. But it does serve as a fun place to climb in and out of.

And Daughter is quite amused with her "googly eye" Halloween glasses.