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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sweetness Is... seven-month-old little boy!

The way he chatters and sings (but never cries) before falling asleep in his crib

How he plays and squeals contently (but never cries) when he awakens from his naps

His new practice of pushing down the sides of his crib bumper to peer between the crib slats so he can take in all the sights of his bedroom

The way he greets me with a grin that employs every bit of his face when I enter his room

The adoration in his eyes as he gazes at me while I sing him a lullaby

His squeals and shrieks and belly laughs as he plays peek-a-boo around the chair with his big sister

The funny faces he makes, including his funny little nose wrinkles

But the sweetest thing of all is the way these things fill my heart and nourish my soul in a way that nothing else can. These mother-child experiences that words simply cannot capture must surely be God’s well-planned design intended to soothe the day-to-day frustrations and fatigue of motherhood.