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Friday, August 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Zoe!

My baby girl is three years old already! We celebrated last weekend since Dear Hubby is still on a major work marathon with an overnighter project tonight (Zoe's actual birthday) and probably working all day again tomorrow. I hate when they get into these huge projects! I would make a terrible single mom...and thank God my husband isn't a soldier (and thank God we have other men who are).

We partied all weekend. Great Uncle Ron and Great Aunt Pat came to visit for the weekend, which was a real treat for Zoe as she has no family nearby besides Grandpa and Grandma H. We tried to hold the actual party off until Sunday evening so Grandpa H could be there, but I knew it would be too much to have a meal at 5pm followed by cake and then presents all before Dear Daughter pooped out for bed. So we spread out some presents and fun over a couple days. Dear Daughter crashed into her bed totally pooped out on Sunday night and everyone went home. Upon awakening Monday morning, the first words out of Dear Daughter's mouth were, "Is it still my birthday party?" Ha!

She got an art easel, which was a big hit. Ever since she could hold a crayon and make it work (at about 16 months) she has been into art. A few months ago Great Aunt Pat introduced her to paint, and that's been a big deal for her ever since. We've come a long way since watercolors, huh?

She also got a "dress up" box and had fun trying on hats and scarfs and those fluffy little purple princess shoes (which her Daddy picked out for her...sweet, huh?) She got a big floor puzzle of the United States, so she can see where her family lives in other states.

She also got to go to Wonders of Wildlife again (one of her favorite things to do!) and got Great Uncle Ron to walk across the rope bridge...

...and help her catch a great big "virtual fish!"

And of course we had to have balloons (lots of balloons!), cake, and candles to blow out. Dear Daughter picked out her birthday hat and the Thomas the Train theme. She had all sorts of girly stuff to pick from, but chose Thomas. She loves the Thomas the train table at the library.

Zoe had a great time and loves being three!

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