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Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Era of the "Why's"

Dear Daughter has definitely entered the stage of the "Why's." For a few months her rendition of "Why?" has been the phrase, "Which kind of (fill in the blank)?" She asked "Which kind of" for EVERYTHING even when it was ridiculous. Now she has graduated into more sophisticated questions. Dear Hubby and I compared notes the other day and confirmed it. Friday morning she asked me where the pterodactyls were. "I haven't seen them in the daytime or at night." She stated. This led into a discussion about dinosaurs, which led into a deeper concern for Dear Daughter. "But where ARE the dinosaurs?" At which point I found myself trying to explain the concept of extinction. "But why are they extinct?" By the time we got to this point in the conversation I discovered that I didn't understand the answer well enough to explain it, not even to a not-quite-three-year-old.

Friday evening Dear Daughter accompanied Dear Hubby to the store for a quick errand. This time she asked, "Daddy, why does the sun go up?" Apparently he fumbled his way through this conversation. Later he told me that he'd decided that the next time one of those questions came up he would tell her to ask Grandpa. Ha!

Dear Daughter also decided to demonstrate more of her sophisticated vocabulary Friday morning. She was busy brushing her teeth while I was busy putting away the mini steam-clean vac (comes in handy with a geriatric cat). As I fumbled about with the machine that had been left to dry out in the bathroom, Dear Daughter paused with her toothbrush in mid-air and said, "Mommy! You are distracting me with that!"

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