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Friday, April 21, 2006

Egg Bubbles and Zoe-isms

Dear Daughter was enjoying her "egg bubbles" on Easter weekend. She had a great time with her new "presents" from various easter baskets. She is into "whirlygigs," which is what I call pinwheels. She got her first one a year ago from the treasure chest at the dentist's office and her second one a couple months ago on an excursion with me to the Dollar General. Her third one came in the Easter basket I put together for her. She likes to grab them all in one pudgy little first and announce, "I've got quite the whirlygig collection!"

And here's one on the slightly tackier side (I apologize in advance, but I can't resist repeating this one). Whenever Dear Son fills his diaper really well, I say that he had "quite the poop fest." Dear Daughter was perched on the toilet just before her naptime today and upon finishing, announced to me, "I had quite the poop fest!" Indeed.

News on Dear Son's side includes his newfound skill of rolling over back to front. He has only gone front to back a couple times, which I believe was probably on accident. But front to back tends to happen months sooner than back to front in most babies. Dear Daugther began the roll from front to back at 12 weeks, but was pushing 8 months before figuring out the other way. Dear Son has it the other way and most definitely goes back to front intentionally. Then he perches up on his elbows and looks rather proud of himself.

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