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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Figuring Out Family

Dear Daughter wanted to wear her slippers the other day. As I was putting them on her, she said, "Mom gave these to me." I said, "No, Grandma gave those to you." She said, "And you call her Mom." So we had a discussion about Grandma being my "Mommy." A few days later my mom was over for a visit, and she wanted to call her mom (my grandma and Zoe's great grandma) so she could hear Zoe sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Later that evening Zoe gave a long explanatory narrative about how how "Great Grandma L is 'Regular Grandma's' Mommy and 'Regular Grandma' is Mommy's Mommy and Mommy is Zoe's Mommy." It's amazing that she gets all that.

Sorry, no new pics this time. It's amazing how challenging it gets to keep up on picture and video taking when you add a second child to the mix. I will work on that, lest little Zachary have huge gaps in his recorded history...newborn--then walking--then kindergarten--then high school graduation. I think Dear Daughter had a daily photo shoot. No wonder she's such a "Princess!"

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