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Monday, August 15, 2005

"Two Years Old!"

When asked how old she is, Zoe has to put up two little fingers and say the complete sentence, "Two years old."

She got to have cake and ice cream and blow out the candle twice. Once for her early birthday party with G Uncle Ron and G Aunt Pat, and once for her actual birthday. She actually had to blow out the candle more times than I can count; that was her favorite part. When she saw her candle for the first time, she exclaimed, "Number two!" For quite some time she has been able to correctly identify all the letters of the alphabet and all the numbers through 9. I think she's about ready to start kindergarten. Maybe she'll know her multiplication tables and have mastered long division by that time.

Oh, and I haven't mentioned yet that she is also speaking foreign languages (????). There's a phrase from one of her Baby Einstein DVDs (the language lab one) that teaches sounds and words from other languages. She says a particular phrase and follows by adding, "That's from the 'goofy show'." I called it a "goofy show" once because I thought it was...well...rather goofy. It has ever since been referred to and requested by Zoe as "the Goofy Show."

Zoe also says, "Hola, Mommy!" which I assume she learned from watching Moose A. Moose on the Noggin Network.

By the time she's 5, she will be smarter than I am. Maybe she will tutor me through my doctorate degree should I have the opportunity to pursue it one day.

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