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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tea Party with Elmo

Poor Elmo! He's been held hostage at Zoe's new table and chair set and made to sample all of Zoe's new and imaginative food creations for the past several days.

Zoe had wonderful birthday celebration AGAIN last Saturday. The toy food and grocery collection she got from Mommy and Daddy has probably been the biggest hit. We got them to go with the toy shopping cart that Grandpa and Grandma M got her, and she has been having a great time pushing it around the house and going "shopping." It was late when her party ended, and she went to bed thoroughly wiped out. As soon as she woke up Sunday morning, she couldn't wait to play with all her new toys. She didn't want anything to do with sitting in her highchair for breakfast, but we had limited time to get her (and us) pulled together to get to church on time. I suggested she sit at her new table and have breakfast with Elmo. While she thought this sounded like a great idea, her bowl of Cheerios and banana held her interest for about 3 minutes before she was off running around the house collecting different items from her plastic food collection and bringing them back to the table for Elmo to sample. Then she would run off to "drive" her new cozy coupe car. Eating breakfast was the least of her interests.

Finally we just decided to settle for cramming a bite into her mouth at whatever opportune time we could find.

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