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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Handsome and Nice...but Grouchy!

Dear Daughter: "Mommy, I just went in to tell Daddy and Zachy 'good night' but they were both already asleep in Zachy's room, so I just kissed Daddy anyway. know, Daddy IS kinda handsome."

Me: (giggling just a bit) "You think so, huh?"

Dear Daughter: "Yeah! And he is really nice, too. I can see why you like him!"

Me: (giggling just a bit more) "You can, huh?"

Dear Daughter: "Yeah! And he's only grouchy when he's not sleeping!"

Me: (busting a gut from laughing so hard)


Riahli said...

Oh man that is too cute!

yunya212 said...

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