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Sunday, October 04, 2009


A book I was reading to my Dear Daughter last night included reference to a passport. So I paused to ask Daughter if she knows what a passport it. "Oh yes!" she exclaimed and proceeded to describe (quite accurately, I might add) what a passport is. I looked at my six-year-old girl (who has barely traveled out of the state) and wondered out loud, "How in the world do you know what a passport is?" "Oh..." she responded nonchalantly, "I just happen to know about passports."

Okay then. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. This is the girl who can seem to be not listening at all when I read to her sometimes. She can be busy fluffing her pillow and rearranging the blankets on her bed or making eyes with the dogs, and as soon as I scold her for not listening, she protests that she has indeed been listening. "Okay," I challenge her. "Then tell me about what was I was reading!" She will proceed to tell me, practically verbatim, what I've been reading for the past ten minutes. How she can absorb all this--sometimes sophisticated-- information while "multi-tasking" is beyond me. We are currently reading "A Child's History of the World" and she is grasping the origins of our alphabet and pieces of Greek and Roman history....

...and apparently all about passports.


CaraBee said...

Children's minds are amazing things.

Love the new picture in your header!

kestrel said...

Haha.. now that you know she does listen.. Be careful when the adults talk. She is one smart Girl