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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Time Warp

We made it. It was over nearly a week ago, and I'm just now posting about it, so that should be an indicator of how much it wiped me out! Wild parties have taken on an entirely different meaning since kids came along!

I still call her my "baby" even though she is now officially six years old. She's such a ham that it's nearly impossible to get a candid shot of her. This one is as close as I've gotten.

...and I almost snuck this one in without her knowing. Almost.

The week ended last week with the annual birthday visit from G Uncle Ron and G Aunt Pat and the third annual fishing trip. Followed by a family birthday party. Followed by the day Dear Daughter has been dreaming of for more than half a year: her first birthday party with girlfriends.

She hammed it up with her new Talent Show tent and microphone and competed with her little brother for the best talent in the house. He gave up and took her on in true Bumblebee fashion.

Last year Dear Son was enamored with Darth Vader. This year it is Bumblebee, followed closely by Optimus Prime. As I've said before, he is about as much boy as Dear Daughter is girl.

When the weekend was over, six little girls came to celebrate some more at Dear Daughter's first girlfriend party. Here she is competing with some friends in a round of "Freeze Dancing."

No wonder I ended last week in a complete stupor. Maybe the sore throat I'm battling added to that stupor. And the latest legal battle I'm fighting still with a lady who I'm pretty sure answers to the name of Satan.

So I guess that's a wrap on another year. I'm pretty sure Daughter grew about four inches and added nearly 10 pounds since her last birthday. Her long pants from last fall are now all too short and I plopped her on the scale out of curiosity. No wonder I can barely lift her anymore.

Poor thing is also trying to loose another tooth, but she just can't seem to loose them normally. The clock is ticking, and the dentist says if the two top front teeth don't come out before our visit in six weeks, he's going to yank them himself. Seems the permanent teeth are pushing in, but they are not pushing the baby ones out. One of the two has shifted in position quite a lot and has a funky color now. The dentist explained this is due to the permanent tooth trying to come in and the gum bleeding into the hollow of the tooth. Nothing to be alarmed about, he assured me. But nothing too pretty, either. Fortunately the discoloration has not gotten worse. Yet. I think I have enough stuff on my mind without the constant reminding I have to do to get Daughter to wiggle on that tooth. I figured we'd work on one at a time, but time is running out. The good news is that these teeth are coming in straight as far as we can tell on the x-rays. One of them was rotated 90 degrees a year and a half ago when we discovered the extra tooth that had to be surgically removed. I'm thrilled to hear that it straightened out and will come in just fine so long as Daughter can get those baby teeth out of the way!

For those of you with little children, I urge you to start taking them to the dentist as soon as their baby teeth start coming in. I'm always amazed when I hear parents say they never took their kids to the dentist until they were four years old or older. There's a lot that can be managed with preventative care when kids are seen by a dentist early.

I know my blog posts have been pretty pitiful and completely lacking creativity for quite some time now. The incessant drama of my life this past year has just absolutely sucked it out of me. It all began on Dear Daughter's birthday a year ago. It's not quite over yet, but I'm optimistic that I'm close, and that I'll soon be able to reclaim my life and in time, recognize myself again.


Zip n Tizzy said...

She looks like she had a fabulous celebration!

Riahli said...

Wow you are one busy lady! Fun times for the're daughter looks like she had a blast!

kestrel said...

She's a realy cutie in pink. The transistion from milk teeth to permanent is worrying cos like your little girl, my daughter's milk teeth also overstayed their welcome. We had to patiently wait cos she would not allow any yanking out.

Ed said...

OK--the Pink Chef's Hat is Fab!

What about apples for the getting the teeth to loosen up? Or pliers.

CaraBee said...

What a great party! And I love the chef's hat and apron! As soon as I have the tiniest hope that my daughter will allow a dentist to look in her mouth, I am taking her. For now, we'll have to make do with lots of brushing.

smiles4u said...

The party sounds like so much fun! The pictures of your daughter cooking in the kitchen are adorable! Did you sew her apron, pot holders and chef hat?

I really hope that the drama that started a year ago gets resolved soon. I sure understand how things like that can suck the life out of you. You are one busy woman regardless so give yourself some slack! I know that's not an easy thing for us women to

MGM said...

Zip and Riahli--yes, she had a rockin' good time!

Kestrel-I would wait more patiently on the teeth except that her dentist said these two MUST come out soon! *sigh*

Ed--Maybe you can find a pink chef's hat in your size? And believe me, I've seriously consider the pliers already!

CaraBee--My dentist offers free "happy visits" where you bring your child in and get introduced to the scene. Mr Slurpy and the chair and lights and pick something out of the treasure the whole not afraid to go to the dentist scene. They encouraged me to bring my kids as soon as teeth started poking through. I've always been glad I did! They are not the least bit afraid of the dentist now. Not even my daughter, who's had a few interesting dental experiences already in her life!

Smiles4u--thanks, but no. I did not sew them. Wish I could find time to do that sort of thing, though! And yes, I am so ready to put the drama bed. Forever. Too bad I didn't see it coming in time to avoid it in the first place!