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Monday, April 06, 2009

Bi-Polar Weather Patterns

Three weeks ago it was warm enough to crank up the A/C in the family-mobile. Daughter complained how hot she was and convinced me that it was bathing suit weather while we washed the car. I indulged the wee ones and dug out their bathing suits and we got out the garden hose, sponges, car-washing suds, etc. A couple weeks later, it snowed enough to cover the ground for a day or so. Several days after that it reached the mid-seventies again, we ran around with bare feet, and I had to open the windows to cool the house down. Today we had a high of 38 degrees.

Somehow, regardless of the Bi-Polar weather patterns, we've apparently had enough sun and rain and intermittent warm weather to make the grass grow. Saturday the kids played outside all morning and got sunburned faces, and the big-ass lawn mower made its debut for the season. We got it cut just in time for the thirty degree weather and snow flurries to return again.

In the years that I've lived in this part of the country, I don't think I remember another year where we reached a high of 38 degrees in the month of April. I can, however, remember April's when the temps pushed into the 80's.

We're not the only ones confused. Cooper had been getting some spring fever, jumping and twirling in the grass, chasing his tail and barking at the tree frogs and the donkey who lives a mile or so down the road (but hee-haws so loud that he sounds like he is our own yard). Today, however, Cooper had no interest in lawn games. In fact, he had no interest in going outside at all. I had to push his furry butt out the door in hopes that he would do his "doggy business," but he wouldn't leave the front step. He shivered uncontrollably as he looked through the glass front door at us sitting by the warm fire. Pitiful. I considered suggesting to him that it was impossible for him to freeze his nads off as we already took care of that, but I didn't want to add insult to injury. I think he decided that he'd rather just hold it for a couple days than take a wizz in the arctic air. Can't say I blame him. I only stood out there long enough to admire the fresh mowing job as the snow flurries danced around my head.

Here's hoping tomorrow is finally warm enough for the dog to poop.

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CaraBee said...

I love that last line!! This spring has definitely been schizophrenic. We go back and forth between 30s/40s and 60s/70s from day to day. I just bought a whole mess of summer dresses and clothes for my daughter and I am so excited to get them on her.