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Thursday, February 12, 2009

First Signs

Spring is clearly in the air around here. A couple days ago it rained sheets all day long. When I came home from work that night, there were about eight or ten Spring Peepers clinging to the front door and porch. I hear their continual screeching in the distance around the pond, but most especially late in the evening and after dark.

This afternoon I played outside with the kids and the pup in our shirtsleeves. As we made our way across the front lawn towards the backyard, Dear Son stopped suddenly and exclaimed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" in an awestruck little toddler voice. He squatted down to look, and I realized what he saw as his chubby little fingers reached down and plucked the first bright yellow dandelion of the season.

This would all be fabulous and uplifting if I liked spring, but I really don't. Spring means that in addition to frogs coming out, but so do the bugs. And we have a lot of bugs out here in the country. And spring is also a constant reminder that summer comes next, and I hate summer more than any other season. Summer means hot, muggy weather...and of course...BUGS!

I think I liked spring and summer a lot more when I lived in the Pacific Northwest. The weather was generally much nice, and the bugs were much much fewer and much much smaller.


Riahli said...

Big Bugs, yuck!

I hate mosquitos, we get lots of those blood suckers here in the summer and they Love me! That being said I would still have to say that I love spring, because it leads to summer, and I love summer. Of course I love fall too, so I am good to go until winter, I love it until I hate it. Right now, I hate it.

I can say I love summer though because I live in the Pacific NW, and it rarely gets too hot around here, in fact it usually doesn't get hot enough! Which is good I guess for me, because I am fair skinned, and I just burn when the sun comes out :(

I can hardly wait to start hiking and such with the boys again, there are so many new beautiful places to explore around here!

CaraBee said...

I like Spring because it is all the things that are great about Summer, without all the hassles. The weather is nice, everything is in bloom, it's lovely without the humidity and hayfever and high temperatures. I would be just fine if Spring went straight into Fall.

MGM said...

Yeah, so I am more than a little jealous...about you living in the Pacific Northwest. Northern Washington, I think you said? I used to live in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho about 30 minutes from Spokane, Washington, and then I lived in Eugene, Oregon.

I guess the trade off for the cheaper housing in Missouri is the bigger bugs.

Ed (zoesdad) said...

OK. When I said on your last post that I'd settle for anything springlike--anything but dandelions! I loathe them.

JBlank said...

I thought Spring too. . . until it snowed today in WV! Yuck, but no accumulation yet.