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Friday, January 16, 2009

Three-Year-Old Testosterone

I was doing an Optimus Prime LightBrite picture with Dear Son, and when we were about a quarter of the way through with it I pushed the light-up button and asked, "Isn't it pretty?" Dear Son responded with a surly expression and protested insistently, "Robots are NOT pretty!"

He just turned three and his tetosterone is already raging.


Riahli said...

That is exactly the same sort of thing Bubu would say, he's also three. Isn't it fun. I say way to many things are pretty or beautiful and he totally calls me out on it now. Ah well...

Maternal Mirth said...

Dayum woman ... don't you know? Robots are tough. Robots are kickass. Robots are cool. Robots are all these things, but "pretty"? Yeah, no.

:) cute kid BTW

Anonymous said...

That is way to funny. Uncle Ron's says he is right. Robots are NOT pretty! It's so funny when Parker comes he now has to use the master bathroom(or Uncle Ron's as Parker says), because the other one is pink and that is a girls bathroom! Go figure. Where do they get these things at a young age? He also makes me put away my granny angel the Aunt Judy gave me, because its old and wrinkled! Just got to lovem. They are so cute at this age. Wish Zoe was here she could play in this wonder snow that we have!
Love ya,
Aunt Pat

Blondie said...

MGM, I wish you the best with the nad-ectomy curing Coopers loving moods. However...I have a 10 yr. old male golden retriver, who was fixed as soon as he was old enough, who still "hugs" the kids (their words, not mine) and who "hugs" the blanket or pillow when my DH gets in bed (yes, Mo sleeps in bed with me for the first part of the night). I also had a female dog, my dear Blossom, who also was fixed as soon as possible, who also developed the joy of "hugging."

I never have found an anti-hugging solution. We just encourage the kids to get up and away from Mo as soon as they can, without drawing too much attention to what he is acutally doing.