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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Balancing Half-Assed-Ness with Whole-Hearted-Ness

I'm not a half-assed sort of person. I tend to endorse the ideal that anything worth doing is worth doing well, or right, or whatever fits the circumstance. However, I fear my blog has become half-assed. I've hung in there, and I will continue to. But I can't keep up with the few bloggers I read semi-regularly. I say semi-regularly because I just don't have the time to read anyone regularly (every single post). I have several blogging friends that are most definitely not half-assed with their blogging endeavers. They write a dozen posts for every one of my own. They comment prolifically at other people's places. I just can't do that. I barely keep my head above water homeschooling my kids, managing my part-time career as a pychotherapist, and keeping the funky smell in my house at bay when the dirty dishes and dirty laundry stack up. I'm haunted by memories of my friends' comments when we were all in our mid-twenties. They all had kids; I did not. They would come to my house and gasp incredulously as to how CLEAN my house was. Now I get it. Now I have kids, too!

I succombed to peer pressure recently to join Facebook, and the experience is much the same. I just don't have time to research the dark alleys of my past to find old friends or to keep up with communicating with all of them. I also don't have time to post several times a day to any cyberaudience about what I am doing at whatever given moment. Nor do I have time to read logs of other cyber personalites' postings about what they are doing at whatever random moments. So I guess I'm also a half-assed Facebooker. So what?

Don't misunderstand me. If you are a prolifc blogger or a prolific Facebooker, I don't look down on you or make any assumptions. That's your business and your life to lead. As for myself, as long as I can manage to be wholehearted in the things that are bigger priorities in my life, I can accept that half-assed-ness in these other areas doesn't win me any cyber-popularity contests.


CaraBee said...

Blogging can be a real time-suck. I definitely spend more time on it than I ever would have expected. Since my daughter still takes two naps, I have a chunk of free time in the afternoon that allows me to play on the computer. I suspect that when her sleep schedule changes, so to will my blogging habits. Sigh. Facebook, I enjoy but it hasn't turned into the obsession that I thought it might.

Maternal Mirth said...

"keeping the funky smell in my house at bay" ... a challenge for us all :)

Riahli said...

I was just thinking today about how my house use to be so clean, and I even had time for myself, because it stayed clean for more then two seconds...back before I had kids.

Now I feel like I do everything half-ass, because I don't have enough hours in the day to get done everything there is to do, let alone a few moments for my self. I am always doing more then one thing at a time, and often everything gets all mixed up. Projects that needed to be done, are forgotten about, while I am side tracked with some random cleaning up pee off the floor (potty training right now). I use to make sure everything was spotless and sparkling, now I figure if it's at least half way clean it's better then it not being clean at all!

Plus I figure if I, for instance, only half way cleaned the windows to begain with and then the babies put their sticky fingerprints all over it right when I walked away, it's not as big of a deal cause it was a half-ass cleaning job to begain with!

That's how I talk myself into staying the same things over, and over, and over again!

raymond pert said...

You are seated at the cool popular kids' table in my cyber cafeteria. You didn't even have to enter a popularity contest in order to be seated there!

Ed (zoesdad) said...

I like your stuff.

MGM said...

CaraBee...I remember (vaguely) what it was like to have but one single child who napped twice a day. Man those days were easy compared to now! Enjoy it. It won't last!

Mirth, I saw those pics of your kitchen. You must work overtime to keep the funk away. I don't think my kitchen has looked that clean since about the year 2000.

Riahli, yeah...and broken toilets spewing water all over the place doesn't help either, does it?

RP and Ed, I wasn't trolling for compliments. Really. But I appreciate them, and being "in" with you makes me feel all popular and stuff...even without frying up my hair with Aquanet!

smiles4u said...

You have a full plate...homeschooling is not a simple task and you work outside the home as well...not to mention all that you do inside your home. Sometimes half assed has to be good have your priorities right and that's something to be proud of.

Zip n Tizzy said...

I agree with smiles4you. You have a full plate in realtime, and it sounds like you're coming up aces there. It's your children who will be propping your head up in your twilight years and the attention you give to them now will not be forgotten.

MGM said...

Smiles4U and Zip n Tizzy, Thank you! I can always use some reinforcing words! Your comments are much appreciated and made my day a little brighter.