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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Request for Pics Honored

Great Aunt Pat requested some new pics, so hereya(finally)go!

Here's Dear Son trying to blow out the candle on his daddy's birthday cake (last month). Dear Daughter just can't wait to have a piece.

Here's Dear Son eating his ice cream bar. Yes, that's SpongeBob on his placemat. Much as I am not a very big fan, the kids appear to be (thanks a lot, Hubby!).

This one doesn't include the kids, but I wanted to throw it in anyway as it's kinda pretty. It's a view of part of our woods after the ice storm in mid-February. We have our work cut out. We didn't get it all cleaned up from the ice storm last year yet. The chainsaw will be getting a workout this spring and summer and there will be lots of bonfires this spring and fall, so bring a lawn chair and some weenies and marshmallows!

And here are several pics of Dear Son "helping Daddy." He LOVES to use tools and "help." They are working on putting the kitchen up in the basement. This was what Dear Husband and I decided to do for each other for our birthdays this year.

Next is a pic of the kids dying Easter eggs. Dear Daughter just couldn't wait. Yes, Dear Son is laying on the table. We don't know quite how he got up there like that. Dear Daughter is looking a bit rough as she has been ill. You can see the matted hair and the tell tale red "wipe tracks" across her upper lip and check where she has been scrubbing at the snot for the past week and a half.

And last is a picture of Dear Son munching on his apple. He insisted on having it whole. He did a fairly good job getting some bites out of it!

We are still battling the snot and illness. Both Son and Daughter STILL have snot flowing. Maybe not QUITE as freely as a few days ago. The bonus is that now I have a cold from hell. The snot isn't quite as prevalent as with the kids, but I don't think I can ever in my life remember having a sore throat that feels quite like this. I can do a great Barry White impression right now! If my memory is correct, this is the first cold I've had in nearly exactly three years. I had a doozey of a cold about the time I had barely conceived Son. I remember it vividly as I refused to take ANY medications because I suspected I was pregnant even though it was too early to test. Turns out I was right.

We will hear more from Daughter's doctor tomorrow about the UTI that is, that isn't, that we don['t quite know for sure about. Last word we had was that there was some bacteria after all and we had to wait the weekend to get the test results on what exactly it is before the doctor recommends treating it further or not. I hate to give her any antibiotics again after the ordeal she has had with the rashes. The rashes have only stopped because the doctor said to dose her up with antihistamines around the clock through the weekend.

Oh, and now Dear Husband had the eye boogers. So far I've escaped Pink Eye, but surely by saying so I'm doomed to get that next. Considering we rarely get sick at our house, I am fairly confident that all this crap has come to us through the original doctor's office visit for Daughter original UTI about three weeks ago. It's just a little too coincidental. This is why I never take my kids to the doctor unless absolutely necessary.


AP said...

Hope all of you get to feeing better. Thanks for the pics!

Jesse said...

I hope everyone starts feeling better soon. I like all the pictures you posted especially the outdoor one. About 5yrs ago my mom took this beautiful picture when we were in NY. It's kind of like yours but different-anyway I told her I would love to have a copy framed. Oh and thanks for your input on the birthday stuff; what will you be getting Daughter.

Student of Life said...

Yucko! I'm sorry you all have the funk. Hope you get to feeling better soon.