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Friday, December 21, 2007

Turning Two

I'm not sure how over a week has passed since Dear Son experienced his 2nd, birthday, but it has. He had a great time being a "farmer" on his new tractor. He enjoyed his "Melmo" (Elmo) cake, his balloons, and his "pizzas" for his birthday dinner. He liked the "presents" as well, and once in awhile pulls one out from under the Christmas tree saying "Presents!" and preparing to unwrap it. I explain to him that those are presents for other people we are saving for Christmas to unwrap. He accepts this, but not until he asks, "Why?" He's been asking "Why?" for months now, and I know he got this from Big Sister. All I can say is that the "Why?" stage is going to be a long one for this child...and for his weary mommy.

We had Son's party on Saturday after his Thursday birthday, but on Thursday we met Daddy for birthday lunch together and then we took the kids around the corner to get a big mylar turtle balloon for Son. His favorite stuffed toy is "Turtle." We also got a couple latex balloons for Big Sister so she didn't feel left out. On the way back home, the kids sat in the middle row of the family mobile clutching their balloons like prizes. Both of them looked quite pleased with life all the way home. At one point Daughter said to me, "You are the best Mommy I've ever had!" I was thinking to myself that it's a good thing I've never had competition. I'll accept first place in the contest, regardless.

Everything else is fairly status quo, save for my peek into my clients' lives through my professional window. I'll abbreviate my explanation here just to say that some days I am burdened with the filth and misery of this world and what children in our culture are subjected to. And what they survive. I typically get to see them in the therapy room by the time they hit their teenage years, and the histories they come with frequently make me sick to my stomach. It's no wonder they start tripping out in the midst of the holidays as they are even more painfully reminded of not only the lack of positive family relationships during this season, but of their painful family histories that represent the reasons why they are without family. It seems unfair for me to even mention how I feel burdened by it all and weary of it, as I am not the one who has to literally live it. I simply share in the journey of those who do have to live it. Yet just walking through it with them can be exhausting and emotionally draining. More importantly, it drives me to love and nurture my own children even more intently, as if being an exceptional parent can somehow have the power to cancel out even a tiny bit of the fact of how many children in this world suffer so miserably at the hands of their parents.


Student of Life said...

Happy Birthday to your little one! He looks thrilled with his tractor.

Even though I'm not a therapist, I can relate to what you're saying. I find myself trying to be Super Mommy most of the time, partly, I believe, to make up for my own family history. I spent much of my life knowing waaay too much waaay too early about the horrible things my own mother endured in her childhood. She would never go to therapy, however, so I spent much of my life dealing with the fallout of her untreated trauma. Very trying, especially during this time of year, every year. I hope you find some strength somewhere in your reserves.

Student of Life said...

Hey there.
I saw a blog post today I thought would interest you. Here's the URL:

Be sure to read the comments, because the first one is very interesting.

MGM said...

Student of Life,

Thanks for the link. I was horrified as I read. I'd heard of similar things, but not of this magnitude. I am appalled that the commenter you noted was FORCED to vaccinate her daughter with the Varicella vaccine???!!! presumably to keep protective services from taking her baby? OMG! That is so WRONG! I wish someone could sue the government for destroying their child with vaccines. The thing is, they try to force you to vaccinate, but also require you waive your rights to sue by signing agreement that you know their crap could destroy or even kill your child before they inject them. Then they accuse you of neglecting your child for refusing to be forced to agree to injecting your child with poison. It's asinine!

I am outraged! The current data I've read is that the Varicella vaccine in particular is pretty ineffective. Follow ups show that vaccinated kids contract the virus at least as frequently as non-vaxed kids. Plus, you cannot get Shingles before first getting Chicken Pox. I would rather extend the time as long as possible for my kids before they contract Chicken Pox...even if that means into adulthood as that will make it that much less likely that they will get Shingles. Shingles is much much worse!

My Son, now two years old, has probably been mildly ill a total of four days of his entire life. No allergies have shown up, never sick, healthy healthy healthy boy. Never vaxed. I firmly believe that's part of it and wish I'd never vaxed my daughter. I'm glad I stopped when I did with her. If people read this comment, I'll probably start getting bombarded with hate mail.
Oh well, feel free to email me privately anytime at