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Monday, August 06, 2007

Where Does Four Years Go?

It was a big weekend for us. My oldest baby turned four years old on Saturday, and I really can't figure out how that happened. It hasn't been that long that she has even existed in this world, and now she is 38 pounds of piss and vinegar that keeps everything going in a constant buzz. Great Uncle Ron and Great Aunt Pat came to help celebrate. We like to party the whole weekend when they come, so we started out with Daughter's first fishing trip. She's been asking to go fishing for a long time, so we had this all planned out as a surprise. When she unwrapped her new Princess fishing pole, she didn't believe that it was a real working fishing pole and that we were going fishing.

Here's her big catch! She caught three of them (with a little help from Great Uncle Ron) and Great Aunt Pat caught the fourth one. I was too busy taking pictures and filming video to dip a line myself, though I've been known to catch the biggest fish on many a fishing trip.

Daughter and Son got a new "jumpin' bean" house, which is expected to hold up much better than the last one. Fortunately it fits about right in the new basement playroom as we are entering the dog days of summer with heat that is too unbearable for outside play. Son isn't too sure about the bounce house yet, but I'm certain he will be interested in it before long.

Since Daughter wanted a Princess cake this year and wanted me to make it, I tried my hand at something I found online (ha! note the computer in the background that explained to me how to do this).

I have to post a picture of the finished product even though you can tell by looking at me that I worked all afternoon Friday baking the cakes and all day Saturday frosting and decorating the "masterpiece." It was the hottest day of the year and any makeup I started the day out with was long left behind in a pile of sweat. I couldn't crop myself out of the picture without cropping out Daughter as well. The cake was finished for roughly 3.5 hours before it was de-constructed for eating.

Somehow we didn't get any pictures of Daughter's new bicycle. I guess we were too busy running the video camera. I'm sure someone else got some pics that they will share with us, but none to post today.

Thanks to Great Uncle Ron and Great Aunt Pat for helping make the event a big hit for Daughter!

So that's what's been preoccupying me the past several days. Since then I've just been wandering around in a stupor wondering how my first born could possibly be four years old now.


Dana said...

They grow up so quickly! Just wait, the next thing you know she will be a teenager like mine.

Cute cake. Very well done!

jesse said...

Awww Happy Birthday! And yes they do grow up very fast-to fast. I love the cake, I know I couldn't do that.

Tracy said...

You are a cake baking superstar in my book! And Happy Belated Birthday To Daughter! My middle one will be six next month! I asked her the other day if she could please slow the growing down a little that she was going too fast for me. She said that she would try her best to take the fast growing girl out and put the slower model in for me. I hope it works!