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Monday, July 16, 2007

I Don't Suck!

Oh, Mrs. Flinger...I needed that. I SOOOOOO needed that! It's my favorite award of ALL (note sidebar). Because frankly, as far bloggy friendships go these days, I totally feel like I suck! I mean, I even missed your post on July 10 saying that I don't suck because July 10 is a marathon work day for me and I'm not even home on that day, and because I just sometimes miss posts these days...even from my favs. And it's pretty bad when someone has to point out to me in my blog comments that they've bestowed an award on me and I haven't even noticed. Thanks for the awesome award, but are you SURE I don't suck?

I only have a minute to post a few pics of the wee ones. It's been way too long since I've posted some pics!

Here's Son practicing his electric guitar moves. Note all the boxes in the background. I think this was three days after we moved in.

And here's Son demonstrating his love of tools and his love of "helping" Daddy chip away at his "Honey Do" list. Any guesses what Husband is saying at this point?

Isn't this a face you just want to kiss?

Here's the face Son makes now when you put the camera on him. He's saying, "Cheese!" in case you can't tell.

And here's the biggest "Cheese" of all. Little Miss "My four-year-old birthday is coming up soon!" She not only ACTS four-going-on-twenty-five. I mean, check out that pose! Wish I had time to post about our recent trip to the water park, which was Daughter's first time in a full size swimming pool and how she cried when we had to leave because she was having so much fun. But alas, I got work to get done before Son awakes from his nap. Another couple hours and I will be all caught up! That is, until the new cycle of paperwork hits with my sessions tomorrow.


Tracy said...

I'm going to be totally shameless here and say that an "I don't Suck" award would go nicely with my blog award collection..hint hint...just incase you want to hand some out....haha.
I love the pics. And can I just say that it must come in a child's genetic make-up to start that "cheese smile" at a certain age. Caroline is seven and perfected that smile to where almost every picture she looks like she's in excrutiating pain.
Now we just need to find someone who's child has outgrown it so that we know when they'll knock it off!

Mrs. Flinger said...

Oh, hon, I can BARELY make a post, let alone respond, email, or read them. So, actually *I* suck but don't tell anyone. ;-)

Your kiddos are freaking ADORABLE. ANd your comment about the guilt from working and not spending time with your kids? Well, it's just like that when I'm NOT working.. I feel guilt for NOT making money and helping with the finances but then I feel guilt when I am. I know. You win either way. *sigh*

jesse said...

An I don't suck award that's great! Oh and the pictures are adorable, and what is it about kids who make the cheese face-Sweet Pea still does that and I have to tell her to just smile normal.

MGM said...

Tracy, I'd love to pass on the "You Don't Suck!" award, but I'd have to do so sans fabulous graphic. Because, well, if you've read my blog for long you know I am NOT swift at html and so I would have no lovely badge of honor to share. But for the record, you don't suck!

For the present, Son is still at the cute stage for the whole "Cheese!" bit. Daughter, however, no longer gets a cute picture with the "Cheese!" bit. Fortunately, she is moving past it already.

Thanks to all for complimenting the cuteness of my kiddos, both of which have blond hair which is a mystery to all as Husband and I DO NOT have blond hair.

MGM said...
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Daisy said...

So SO cute!! 4 going on 25 -- my daughter was like that, too. Now she's 20 -- but I won't burden you with expectations. :)

Nell said...

Oh, look at that little guy jamming out!