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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy Birthday, "Bub"!

Li'l Bub is one year old today! Last night I went to bed early and with great relief that I was not instead in labor and heading to triage and about to stay up all night giving birth like last year. Today I have had recurring waves of relief throughout the day that I am not a few hours postpartum chained to wires and a catheter bag with a newborn screaming to be fed and changed every 90 minutes. Today, on the first birthday of my wee-est one, I have also looked on him with overwhelming love and adoration and thankfulness for the beautiful healthy baby he is.

We had a great birthday bash for "The Bub." When Great Uncle Ron and Great Aunt Pat come, we like to throw really long parties that last for days. At Daughter's 3rd birthday, she woke up on day three or four (the morning that Great Uncle Ron and Great Aunt Pat had left), and as she lifted her sleepy head from her pillow, the first words out of her mouth were, "Is it sill my birthday party?"

To be fair, this time we were also celebrating a little early Christmas with G. Uncle Ron and G. Aunt Pat, which was followed by a birthday party for "The Bub."

Li'l Bub is starting to walk as long as he can cling to something for support. He can't decide if he'd rather push his new Thomas engine or ride on him. One thing he does know for sure, however, is that there better not be anything in his way, or he will get mad and tell the whole world about it.

We had a "Bub--I mean Bob--the Builder" theme.

Don't be fooled by the pictures. Son really does not like cake. He liked playing in it, but a taste or two was as close as he got to eating it. He made faces and spit it out. This is the same little boy who scarfs broccoli by the handful and prefers anything green in the vegetable family to dessert. This also the same boy who tasted his first raw tomato the day after he tasted his first birthday cake. The cake got spit out while the tomato was gnoshed. I wonder what the odds are that his taste preferences will last through toddlerhood and beyond?

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