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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

"Doo-la-la" Dancing

How's this for a "charm-yer-socks-off" grin?

A few days ago, Zoe started saying, "I love you." Of course we immediately called all Zoe's grandparents so she could tell them all over the phone.

Zoe is at that stage where she loves to be naked. At bathtime she carefully calculates things just right so that as soon as the last stitch of clothing comes off, she becomes the frenzied toddler streaker, bolting out of arm's grasp as fast as she can before someone sticks her in the water. Chasing her does no good, as that only adds to the toddler glee and encourages her to continue the naked sprinting and hide and seek antics. Just as you round the corner to catch her, she tears off the other way, with naked buns flashing you. Giggling and shrieking, she hides behind the chair in the corner of her room, peeking out long enough to say, "Whatcha doin'?" and then ducks back into her hiding spot.

When bathtime ends, barely out of the water and wrapped in a towel, she manages to repeat the streaking scene, leaving the towel lying in a bunch on the floor. She prefers to air dry. Upon her escape, she usually shimmies her naked little body up on Mommy and Daddy's bed and begins the wild, naked Doo-la-la dance. It begins as a slow lap or two around the king sized log bed and then picks up pace little by little until she is twirling in toddler glee shrieking "Doo-la-la, doo-la-la!" as she goes around and around. She falls hard enough to practically bounce back up in the correct position, hardly missing a "doo-la" beat.

This really does look like it would be therapuetic and a liberating release of all kinds of tension. Perhaps adults should take more lessons from uninhibited toddlers. If we all stole a few moments of naked doo-la dancing now and then, there would probably be a lot less road rage and stress-related health issues in our society.

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